About Us

Mission Statement

“Transformer Network is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service possible at a fair price. We will offer a solution to your power requirements only if it is sound. Customer retention and satisfaction are our primary objectives.”

Transformer Network began as an avenue for companies to sell their excess equipment. The company was purchased in 2014 by T&R Electric and is now a wholly owned subsidiary.
The strengths of T&R Electric in building, repairing and remanufacturing transformers combined with Transformer Network’s inventory, database and overall secondary market experience makes us a formidable player in the secondary market and repair of transformers and related substation equipment.

Our services include:

  • Time-Critical Supply
  • Rental Transformers
  • Repair
  • Reconditioning
  • Rewind/Manufacturing
  • Creative Buy-Back of Unwanted Assets

If you want to sell your surplus electrical equipment through Transformer Network, we know the value it could bring.

We maintain an extensive database of customers that is voltage specific, including the equipment they are searching for. This is our expertise. We can help you structure a deal that will save you time and money!

    Get in touch:

    Transformer Network, Inc. | 301 S. Florence | Colman, SD 57017
    800.724.2211 | [email protected]