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David Mossman

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Dave brings almost 40 years of experience working in all aspects of transmission and distribution, from running line crews and supervising a medium sized utility, to managing a successful transformer testing company. “Having worked for a utility company, I’ve been in their shoes and walked that mile. I know what it’s like to have bad weather cause power problems and the pressures that go along with that job.”

Dave aggressively works with our customers to fine-tune their requirements and is available to review test reports, give advice and facilitate installs.

Dave was a founding member of Global Power Supply’s T&D division, acquired by Equisales in 2010. His honest, straight forward approach to business allows Transformer Network to continue growing and to gain added exposure in the market place. “We partner with our customers. We try and offer them a solution, we’re not just here to make sales…”

Teresa Chester

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Teresa brings over 20 years of secondary market experience to Transformer Network. She was Director of International Sales for Somera Communications, a secondary market telecom infrastructure company that the members took public in 2003.

As a founding member of Global Power Supply, she was instrumental in the creation and success of the Transmission and Distribution division. The T&D division was eventually sold to Equisales Associates in Houston.

Teresa’ strong business acumen and attention to detail makes her a driving force behind the sales at Transformer Network. “I listen to my customers’ requirements and offer the best solution for them, not the easiest one for me.”

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